How often do you go to Google to search for something or to get some specific information? How often do you go to Facebook or Instagram to check your feed?

The answer that we can agree on sounds probably like this “often and a lot”. Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan have recently shared their newest version of infographic of “what is happening on the internet every minute”.

They have put the most up-to-date stats from following platforms into this infographic: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Netflix, Amazon, and many more. Check it out. We have been personally surprised by stats form Netflix and Tinder.

As a human race we've became much more addicted to the options that internet has provided to us. We are connected with each other even if we both live on the other side of the planet. We can create things and let everybody know what we are trying to achieve. We can build our audience even though we are not famous athlete or actor. It's crazy how far we've come. And this is just a beginning. This is what is happening in the world online in every minute.
It’s crazy what is happening online in 60 seconds – something that we did in one year is now transformed into 1 minute

If you are not sure, you are hesitant, but would like to take advantage of the attention that these platforms have to your own benefit, do not hesitate to contact us. In fact, even if you are sure, just wondering how to effectively grasp this opportunity, contact us. We’ll show you the most effective way to do it in 2019.

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