If we remember correctly, the issue of quantity and quality in the content marketing is being discussed most of this decade. In fact, it is true that both strategies have advantages for your web site. It depends on what goals are set and the resources available to achieve them. Only then we are able to determine an effective mix between quality and quantity. It is no secret that no one can produce fifteen blogs every week and all of them will look like as if Hemingway wrote them.

That would be ideal, but unfortunately it is unrealistic. For most brands or companies is likely possible that their content marketing strategy will be affected by the financial situation of their business. On average, content marketing swallows 25% of the marketing budget, while 7-8% of gross income should be invested back into marketing. Of course, there may be some deviations. P&G has invested nearly 35% of their earnings in marketing. But this only happened once, and ever since then their investments have been humiliated. In general, B2C companies spend more on marketing than B2B companies.

How will the quantity factor affect your content marketing

Every extra page that is posted on your site, is just another opportunity to appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Generally, this leads to increased traffic to your site from organic search. This is obviously good, but if your content is poor and creates online signals that Google evaluates negatively, then these benefits are questionable. There are also clear facts that the quantity of your content improves lead generation. HubSpot mentions this in its annual marketing report. But besides organic search and lead generation, the benefits are very controversial. With more content, a company can send multiple emails to customers in their email list, post more social media posts, and generally promote more content and the entire community. According to Google, the average consumer needs 18 times to come into contact with your brand to become your customer. This means that every time a customer comes into contact with your content, it increases your company’s awareness and there is a greater possibility that they will start thinking about making a purchase with your brand of business.

Without quantity, it is hard to succeed in content marketing. Because if you publish only one blog per year, nothing will happen. You always have to frequent and consistent with your content. Because nowadays, there is so much content to be find.
Without quantity, you will hardly succeed in the content marketing.

How will the quality factor affect your content marketing

Every user look for and expects quality content. On the other hand, you can produce the best content in the world, but if nobody reads it or can’t find it, it’s useless anyway. If a brand or company posts one blog per month, the chances of being ranked organically in search engines on relevant positions are lower. The same is true with organic traffic to your website. Go viral organically is just the dream of most marketers. You can publish 1,000 articles and none of them may be viral. Another thing is that with less content, you also have fewer options to acquire content-based leads with which the consumer and potential customer may come into contact. Less content also extends the time before these efforts begin to pay off. Finally, we have to mention that there are fewer possibilities to use email and your email list with less content, there are fewer posts to post on social media – your potential for promotion you brand or company is just limited.

The quality in the content marketing is what people strive for. They want quality that bring them extra value after consuming your content. It can be either educational or entertaining content. People just need to feel the extra value.
Quality is a must when you try to succeed in content marketing.

S kvalitním obsahem, ale také přicházejí výhody. Opravdu dobrý content – takový, co čtenáři v reálu opravdu může pomoci a dát mu přidanou hodnotu – může udělat velmi dobrý dojem z vašeho brandu nebo firmy. Kvalitní content také vytváří pozitivní signály pro Google vyhledavač, které vám pomohou se lépe zarankovat.

When it comes to good quality content, there are also benefits that come with it. A really good content – one that actually help the reader in real life and give him/her added value – can make a very good impression of your brand or company. Quality content also creates positive signals for the Google search engine to help you rank better.

What is the golden mean of the content marketing?

Based on the above mentioned tips – rules – you should be able to figure out how much content is needed and in what quality in order for your business being able to generate quality leads. Most content marketers use the 1: 5 ratio – creative: media spend. Marketers who make television content have the opposite. This means that 20% of your marketing budget should be allocated for content production. To solve what quantity, while maintaining a certain quality, is realistic within your budget is not a simple task. However, it is certainly solvable. You have to try out how much content you are able to produce while the quality is still acceptable. Try to experiment with the number of words. Use feedback from your analytics tools to see how the quality of your content is perceived. With paid advertising, the feedback cycle will be quicker. Once you have enough data to feel confident with, determine your goal in terms of word count. The longer the articles, the less you will be able to produce. One way to expand content production is to use content from for example journalists, influencers, and so on. Consumers and your potential customers can also come into contact with it this type of content.

In conclusion, the question is not whether quality OR quantity. You need both! If you realistically evaluate your budget possibilities, the feedback from your analytic tools, and then find the right mix of both of these content properties for your brand or business.

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