Any photo where people find your product, and the photo has a high reach, it is a very interesting medium. Most of the people right now is talking about the influencers. Among the youngsters, they talk about the favorite one at school or at work “Did you see this and that last night?” It is a huge trend, not only in particular countries, but worldwide. In short, the Influencers are moving the world. Another look is the view of the marketing people, who are beginning to perceive an influencer bubble, when some influencers ask astronomically amount of money for their posts and the brands are willing to pay that price. They are thinking that they can do whatever they want because they are being followed by tens or hundreds of thousands of people, in some cases millions. Well, it’s a new age and we all have to learn to “survive” in it . Our experience with collaboration with influencers through Instagram is useful if you have an interesting Instagram profile and need new followers. At that case, cooperation with influencers pays off.

If you are thinking about using Instagram influencers in your marketing mix, you should definitely do that because of its effectiveness and the influence and results it can drive.
The use of Instagram influencers in the marketing mix is a matter of course in these days, because it simply works.

If you are able to get new followers to your Instagram, you can communicate with your followers much more often, and, above all, you are in control of what message you send them.. The advantage of this strategy is the fact that the media space is free and you do not have to pay to anybody. The Instagram profile does not cost anything even if you have an Instagram Business Account.

If you’re excited to send a message to your favorite influencer asking him or her for a shoutout (when influencer post Instagram Stories or a regular post about you and tells his or her followers to follow your profile) and tens of thousands of followers will will go to your profile and start following you. Well we will disappoint you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that anymore. That is how it worked in the early days of Instagram, but not today. Today, the Instagram followers acquisition campaigns need to be way more sophisticated.

The influencer selection

From our experience and the experience of other marketing people in the Czech Republic, the statistics are based on the following figures. If you find QUALITY influencer, where the reach of his / her post range from 100 to 200 thousand followers, such an influencer can bring you around 1,200 new followers during one campaign. If it is a “bigger fish” and the influencer post’s range is about half a million followers, then you are able to get something around 3000 new followers for a single shoutout. And it pays off, doesn’t it?

We leave the selecting of the right and good quality influencer for the next blog, as it is not easy in today’s world. In a world where everyone is trying to be an influencer and many of them buy fake followers, fake likes and fake comments. Disgusting!

The motivation

As with everything there are more kinds of motivation. We divide motivation into one time and long-term. In terms of long-term motivation, the key is to bring quality and valuable content to followers to give them a good reason to start following you. The value we talk about could be great informative or entertaining content. In the marketing industry, we call it branded content.

Well done and quality branded content must have one essential characteristic. This kind of content must be consistent in two areas – whether it is content consistency or content cadency. What does it mean? E.g. Instagram works great with visual and aesthetic content, that what the whole Instagram platform is about. Furthermore, it is necessary to respect the rules and habits of the platform, it is hard to work on Instagram with a photo in which there is only text. Choose a different platform for this type of content.

Use branded content if you want to get a higher reach of your product placement in the photo of an Instagram influencer. It works perfectly!
Branded content is a part of a very favorite strategy of companies for the acquisition of real followers on Instagram.

If we look at one-time motivation, it can be a classic competition, as we know it – “give it a like to this post, tag your best friend in a comment and give us a follow, then you can win…..”. However, different competitions may have different mechanics. We know that followers will remain your followers after the competition. Yes, certainly not everyone. Retention is usually about 12% of our experience. Sometimes we get over 15%, but mostly it is below 12%.

Thinking about what product to use in your competition? Try to offer the best known product for as many people as possible. Typical reasoning may be the iPhone or the newest series from Samsung. This will make the competition interesting for a huge range of people.

The Mechanics

Mechanics of a competition can be different, but one thing is clear, the smaller the barrier for engagement, the more people will compete and the more followers you get. Typical is to “follow our profile” as one of the conditions, but other aspects of the contest can work with comments and tagging, such as posting a photo under a particular hashtag and so on. It also works well for us with “write in the comment why you should win.” Certainly it is not a bad practice to appreciate more winners, because then people will feel the real chance to win.

There are several case studies where thousands of followers have been obtained for a company / product manufacturer profile. It all comes down to the price that the user can win. If the price is motivating enough, then the competition will work. But if you offer something for a distinctive group of people, the competition will not work well. On the other hand, you can attract relevant followers, which can be a win for you. Test it.

The takeover mechanics works with the effect we all know, FOMO “fear of missing out”. Simply, fans don’t want to miss what their favorite influencer will do. Therefore, the Influencer will start to work with the audience by telling them, most often through Instagram Stories, to follow this profile and that profile as there will be takeover. Of course, the influencer’s followers don’t want to miss it, so they start to follow the brand’s profile so they won’t miss anything. With this strategy, you can get tens to hundreds of high-quality followers, but even so, the results cannot be equal to the competition itself.

Mechaniky soutěží lze kombinovat a nebo přijít i s něčím nevídaným. Influencer vám také může dát feedback, co mu v minulosti fungovalo, ale moc na to nespoléhejte. Osobně mám rád netradiční soutěže, kdy se děje něco neočekávaného, ale takových moc není. Taková soutěž poté obnáší složité přípravy.

Other options of mechanics of competition on Instagram include a challenge. If an influencer has a very loyal audience, they can invite their audience to look at your profile. This style can work only if you have a really detailed profile and the content you share is valuable.

Keep in mind that your profile is your image. It is a page that needs to show the best and give some value to your followers. Its quality is a requirement for the proper functioning of any acquisition campaign. So keep your profile filled to the last detail, otherwise even a good quality competition may not work.

And that’s it for today. If you would like to prepare a professional social media competition or build a flawless campaign for influencers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a great day!

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