Are you asking how to do social media marketing? You are not alone. Do you have your own business and do you want to promote it on social media? Why not? You do not need millions to invest in the case of TV commercials and despite that, you are able to build a brand, acquire new customers, and maintain existing ones. A huge added value of social media is the recognition of the customer and most importantly recognising what the actually desire, how old they are, what are their interests, where they live, and so on. Are you asking how to do all of that? Social media have the advantage of being able to have a dialogue with your customers. Obviously if you do it well. Social media are an indispensable part of online marketing and if you want to systematically build and improve your business, you should seriously consider including social media as part of your marketing communications.

If you decided that you want to start using social media, you need to choose which platforms are the most effective to use for your type of business. How to do it? Ask yourself what your goal is and what your expectations from social media are. Is it an increase in B2C sales? Is it HR hiring? Is it getting orders in B2B? Or just awareness of your brand? Each platform is specific, both for possible target audience on that platform and content that is relevant to the platform. For example platform LinkedIn is a great way to get quality contacts or potential customers in the B2B market segment. It’s hard to sell tank tops and dumbbells for gym lovers on LinkedIn. On the other hand, on Instagram may not make sense to sell development projects. What do you think?

When picking a right social media platform it is very important to reverse engineer your target audience so you will find where you potential customers are. This is the most important part when implementing the right and great social media strategy.
Picking the right social media platforms is the fundamental and most important part when implement a great social media strategy.

The inspiration for social media – what content to post on social?

People who follow your site have a reason and a personal interest. We at loud digital follow various marketing sites on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and we subscribe a few blogs to our reader. Why? Since the topic of marketing fulfils us and we like to be on top of the latest news and up to date. We follow what is happening in this industry in the world and what different approaches can be applied in marketing. Why do we mention this? People don’t just become your fans over night. They will give you like or follow because they already know you or want to meet you. That’s why you need to give your fans a reason why they should follow you. Your communication has to be entertaining to them. It is clear that not every post is going to be successful. However, the majority of them should be successful. Whether you are trying to create a brand around anything – you sell bicycles, software or you are a fitness trainer – the inspiration around is huge. Sometimes you just need to find a book about your niche and create a post with something interesting about the book. Communicate interesting facts in the industry, upcoming events, international and major days, and how your customers have used your product – reviews, as well as user-generated content. It works really great!

User generated content is a great way, because you engage your fans in the content creation and also the other ones see that you have a decent fan base that is legit. It will make a legit and good fan base from them too.
User generated content is a great way how to use your fans in the content on your social media platforms.

Add a value – that is what the audience wants

Try to go the extra mile to your fans and platform users. Ask them, create competitions, bring their attention, give them the opportunity to participate in content creation, occasionally be more funny, and sometimes be more serious. A very important factor is the creative – that is, a picture or video – that is the first thing that catches the user’s attention. Play with pictures, videos, create infographics, gifs, pools, just bring the user’s attention in any kind of way. As soon as user sees your post, the user should immediately realize and recognize that it is your brand. How to achieve this? Use similar colors and composition. Also do not forget to brand your content.

An important point on social media is interaction and feedback from your audience. It is important to realize that people show you what they want to see and hear. All you need to do is perceive their signals – whether they are comments, numbers of likes, clicks, sharing, or clickthrough rate. An ideal scenario is if you are able to prepare your posting for a month in advance. However, there is always a possibility that there is going to be a news, that you need to communicate immediately. So just be ready for it. The great advantage of social media and the entire online marketing is the ability to relatively easily evaluate which content is relevant to your target audience and which is not. Based on this data, you are able to optimize your content, which is going to cause better results and thus greater visibility of your content on social media. Social media algorithms prioritize content that people share, like, click through – the algorithm shows the platform that it is quality content that people like and keeps people on the platform, so the algorithm moves it more and more to the foreground. We can say that the content that shows that people like it and engage with it, the platform “pushed” forward and gets more reach. Don’t be afraid to experiment and watch what your competition is doing. Get inspired by it and respond to trends. Enjoy managing your social networks and have fun with it!

Fans on social media are the most important part. They show you what is working, they are giving you a constant feedback but they also buy your stuff and push your content to the foreground.
Your fans on social media will love you if you give them what they want.

The last and key ingredient of content creation is this idea – remember that you don’t create content for your own good feel and caressed ego. You create content to appeal to your fans and customers!

Have a great day!

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