Do you want to start Facebook marketing, but you do not have a budget to hit it all in? Don’t worry, you can do it even without any budget. This beginning will help you earn money so next time you can jump to the paid ads . Yes, we do not say that you will achieve the same results as with paid advertising, and that is not even possible, we just say that you can start on Facebook without paid advertising. Let’s take a look at our tips on how to do it.

Beautiful photos, pictures and videos

You can’t do it without beautiful visuals. If you want to build awareness about your products or your service, brand, or anything, you need to look like that you are professional and that you take it seriously. It needs to be presented this way. Fortunately enough, we live in the 21st century and there are lots of beautiful, copyright-free images on the web, like Unsplash. They work well, but not as well as true authentic photos. You can use some of your friends that are skilled photographers. Certainly among your friends you will find enthusiasts for photography. Think about it, do you have someone like that? Photos and pictures still need to be edited, it is best to use Photoshop, but if you don’t have it or can not do it, try Canva. It’s an online image and photo editor. Ideal for beginners and users who aren’t exactly good friends with Photoshop.

You should only use photos that are copyright free on your Facebook or Instagram, which means you have the right to use them. If the photos are not copyright free, do not use them. You can get a solid fine, and that does not pay off.
Use the copyright free foto bank

Creating loyal audience

Use all the possibilities. If you already have an audience, send them emails that you have created a Facebook and Instagram page. If you don’t have one yet, you have friends you can invite to your page. Do it! They will help you to get to know your surroundings. You don’t believe? Try it! The majority of social networking algorithms work by saying that whenever you get a reaction, comment, or sharing in a while, social networking algorithms will see that your content is interesting, which is a win-win situation for the platform! Why? They do want the user to stay on their platform for as long as the user can, so they can show ads to the user and thus make money. As soon as the algorithms become aware of interesting content that has received a lot of responses in the short time, they begin to favor it, begin to push it, and its organic reach will increase. That’s exactly what you need. This will bring you to the subconscious and start building awareness about your brand.

Content that goes viral for free! The best strategy!

What Does viral content do? It goes around for free. How do you create it? No one knows. There are certainly general guidelines, but nobody will ever give you specific instructions. And if anybody does, then that’s a lie. 🙂 You can try to make viral content, but if it really become viral, that’s a different story..

To get viral content as close as possible, try to make content that people will love, which will be an added value for them that is perfectly created and authentic. Try to create different polls, quotes from successful people work well, ask your fans for questions that have an obvious answer. Remember, these must be simple questions that everyone can answer. It does not matter that when you will be creating the post, you say, “Oh my god this is too easy, everyone will know this!”. At that moment it is right! It is important not to do a monologue. The whole social media thing is based on communication, if you will not communicate you will not succeed. The key is to develop communication, conversation, dialogue, and so on..

Favorite posts

Publish such posts. How do you know which posts are popular? When you go to page statistics, whether on Facebook or on Instagram, you will find out which posts have brought high engagement and which have not. Those that were interesting, recycle, use, and publish again. We do not mean use literally the same thing, but take the concept, the principle, and apply it to another theme. There are plenty of ways to express any phrase in the world, using more ways.

Quotes, pictures

Motivation, inspiration, proven topics that people are responding to, that’s what you should talk about on Facebook.. Quotes are one of them. Quotes are one of the most powerful weapons of communication on Facebook and Instagram. They are very popular and people react to them. You know it yourself, for sure you have a person around you who still shares some quotes or motivation that is such a “motivator” but usually only talks. We are not very much in favor of motivating and sharing quotes ourselves, but if they work on social media, there is no reason not to share them in some modified form.

What content to share on Facebook and Instagram?

Here’s how to do it – watch what your competitors what they do, what’s trending the world, what does attract the attention, but most importantly, what does add value to your customer. For example, you can use the tool that analyzes content on the internet, so you can find quality content in your niche. Why share something that is not successful when you can share things that have already gone through thie social media? This tool even help you to find what are favorites on your chosen topic on social media. We think that this feature is not part of the free version, but we suppose that such a feature could pay off in a paid partnership.

Take good care of your fans

You need to let your fans know that you appreciate them more than others and that they are part of your community. How do you do that? Provide events, discounts, extra meetups, free consultation calls, and so on. Just give them more and take good care of them. Do the Right Marketing! What is it? Show them that you are interested in them and their lives. People appreciate it more than anything else. At the same time, you create this need for others. Other people will want to be part of your super community. With these actions, you will be able to attract users that you would never be able to target, or it would take you weeks, months, years…

Consistency is important!

Share content on Facebook and Instagram regularly and consistently. Regularity is one of the core pieces of success in any activity – whether you want to train, eat healthy, be a successful entrepreneur, want to learn a new language, etc. You always have to do the activity regularly, otherwise you have no chance to succeed.

Try to avoid any grammatical mistakes or typos. Speak to your audience clearly. Write simply and understandably. There is nothing worse than having a great contribution idea or want to tell people something really cool, but get tangled in it and write it in eight sentences when three are enough.

Don’t do this!

Do not try to be someone that you are not. Do not publish pets videos when you are selling consulting services in accounting, tax consulting or law. Avoid communicating anything that is not directly or indirectly related to your business. If it doesn’t pass through this filter, let it go. Don’t get stuck in politics unless it’s not part of your business or if you’re not sure you won’t change your political preferences + you are aware that it will affect your business anyway. Always.

Another 9 Tips!

1.) If you use hashtags, don’t use them. Use one as a maximum for capturing the content or for branding, but not for a ranking system. The ranking system does not really work with hashtags on Facebook so it’s useless,

2.) Occasionally comment on relevant posts with some valuable comment that is aligned with your brand, giving you at least some attention. Fit into the role of a thought leader who has the right and valuable views on the parties subject,

3.) Use your personal profile to share valuable content from your business, from a company blog, anything from a business perspective. In this section, you need to get at least some attention and your friends will help you in the beginning. Ask some of them personally through direct message, you will see that you will find individuals who will be willing to help you,

4.) Use the Facebook group, where the organic reach is theoretically 100%, comment, add value and, if possible, redirect users to your web site or messages where you can giver the user more information or sell your product / service

5.) Try to create your Facebook group. The topic should be advice, tips and tricks regarding your product or service and the category of products or services that it is in,

6.) Don’t forget Facebook Messenger, it’s a powerful weapon! Do not be afraid to communicate through it, today most users see it as a classic messaging tool, through which many things can be solved, even business related issues. There are far greater open rates than in emailing

7.) If you can create videos, do it. Post them on Facebook and add value to others. It’s another way to get into the role of thought leader

8.) Take advantage of “significant events”, Facebook supports their organic reach.

Toto je návod, jak pracovat s Facebookem, pokud nemáte finance na investování do reklamy. Začínat bez financí není ideální, je to jako v podnikání, ale určitě je to možnost, jak si najít cestu, alespoň dočasně. Poté už není důvod nevyužít získané finance pro Facebook reklamu, která je stále tak strašně levná oproti jiným typům reklamy, že nás až kolikrát zaráží, jak v některých firmách nejsou ochotni poslouchat a platí za reklamu v novinách…

This is how to work with Facebook if you don’t have financials to invest in advertising. Begin without financial help is not ideal, it’s the same in business, but there is definitely a way that you can follow even without financials, at least temporarily. Then there will be no longer any reason to not to use the earned funds for Facebook advertising, which is still so underpriced compared to other types of advertising, that we are struck by how many times people are not willing to listen and pay for newspaper advertising in some companies.

That’s all from us for today. If you’re at the point where you need help with both paid and free advertising on Facebook and Instagram, or creating your advertising strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

Have a great day!

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